Are you a creative or designer?

Bring your ideas to life with Albore Design

Are you a designer with a concept but lack the tools to realize your ideas?

From concept to creation, we are here to make your design dreams come true.

From Ideas to Digital

We help you create your 3D model. With a team of 3D design experts, we turn your creative ideas into detailed and realistic digital designs.

Whether you are working on a lamp or an innovative design object, we can create the perfect 3D model for you that exactly reflects your vision.

Engineering Perfection

Do you have the creative 3D model of your lamp, but need to make it functional and ready for production? Albore supports you with an engineering service that can make your design robust and feasible. Our engineers will take care of adding the correct thicknesses, hooks, screws, and all other functional details. Your product will be ready to move to the production stage smoothly.

From the Digital to the Tangible

Your design is finished and it's time to move on to the realization phase. It is precisely at this stage that your ideas come to life. We make your design lamp through the latest 3D Printing technologies with a wide range of eco-friendly materials to ensure that you get a quality, sustainable product that is ready to go on sale.

Expand Your Business with Our Shop

Our section dedicated to designers is waiting for you. Display your lamp in our online shop, you will have the opportunity to sell your creations directly to the public, reaching a wide customer base.

Grow your brand and give visibility to your artwork thanks to Albore.

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Albore offers designers services of: 3D modeling, engineering, production and sale of the product in the dedicated section of the shop.

Always with you from conception to realization!